Need a VW Atlas tire change near Oklahoma City, Norman, and Edmond? You've come to the right place! At Oklahoma City Volkswagen we want to make sure you have the proper tools to provide your vehicle with the quality care it deserves. So, we created this helpful guide on how to change a tire. Read on to learn the proper steps to take to guarantee your next tire change goes smoothly. If you have any questions, contact our service center.

Make Sure You're Safe

It's essential to park securely on even ground, turn on your hazard lights, and deploy your hazard lights before you begin a tire change. If possible, move your vehicle to a low-traffic area to ensure your safety. To further keep you protected, utilizes wheel wedges to keep your car firmly in place. If you're changing a rear tire, place them in the front. But if your front tire needs replacing, put the wedges behind your rear wheels.

Loosen the Lug Nuts

After you've secured your care, remove your hubcap and use a wrench to loosen your lug nuts. Turn your wrench counterclockwise until the lug nuts are loosened about halfway, but don't remove them. Since this component is securely placed on your wheel, don't be surprised if this takes some force.

Place the Jack and Raise Your Vehicle

Place the jack beneath your vehicle's frame, alongside the tire that's flat. Some models have molded plastic with an exposed metal frame specifically for the placement of a jack. Every car is different though, so, to ensure your safety, consult your owner's manual on the best placement. Then, raise the vehicle until your flat tire is about six inches off the ground. It's important to never go under your vehicle during this process, to guarantee you're staying safe.

Replace the Wheel

After following all the previous steps, you're ready to replace your tire! Remove the lug nuts entirely and take off your flat tire and replace it with the spare. Next, reapply the lug nuts and tighten them as much as you can by hand. Using the jack, lower your vehicle until your spare is resting gently on the ground and tighten the lug nuts with your wrench. Then, lower your vehicle the rest of the way, remove the jack, and give the lug nuts one last turn to ensure they're securely in place.

Visit a Tire Center

The last step in how to change a tire is to visit a tire center right away. Additionally, it's crucial you travel no more than 50 miles and don't go any faster than 50 MPH before having your spare tire replaced. At our service center at Oklahoma City Volkswagen, our technicians are highly trained in all your vehicle's needs, including tire replacement. We'll recommend the best wheels for your car and replace your tire efficiently to have you back to the streets of Oklahoma City, Norman, and Edmond quickly. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

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